Drivers operating a Ford Ranger can feel confident they're beyond the wheel of an impressive-looking pickup truck. The Ranger does offer an incredible look, the vehicle's toughness draws attention, too. Pickup trucks get tasked with some tough jobs. A new Ford Ranger might be the perfect model for the toughest of tough jobs.

The Ford Ranger's rear suspension system demonstrates how this is a tough truck. The double A-arm independent front suspension can handle the rigors of brutal off-road conditions. The Ranger's designers know rocky, muddle, and uneven trails lie in front of the pickup. The suspension and its two-stage parabolic leaf springs are ready.

Steel yourself for a description of the frame and bumpers. Yes, a powerful steel frame and accompanying steel bumpers epitomize tough. Six cross-members connect to the steel frame, adding more toughness.

It is not too tough to take the Ford Ranger out for a test drive in Pella. Our dealership can schedule you for one.


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