Which Trails Will You Explore in the Ford Ranger?

The Ford Ranger has a design that draws inspiration from traditional American values, like freedom and independence. You should ask Ulrich Ford Lincoln about this light-duty pickup truck that offers two cabin sizes with plenty of amenities to accommodate up to five people seeking adventures.

The Curve Control helps the Ranger negotiate a banked road or ramp at the appropriate speed. If the vehicle travels too fast on curved paths, this technology will apply the brakes. Navigating steep landscapes should also be easy with braking management by the Hill Descent Control.

As this Ford pickup truck moves up and down uneven terrains, the Roll Stability Control resists gravitational pulls. Therefore, the vehicle is at a low risk of flipping over on an inclined road. Leaf springs with the Hotchkiss-type design allow the rear chassis to take substantial beatings. The Ranger also has two-stage leaf springs that maximize the absorption of shocks.



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