The Stylish and Functional Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger exudes rugged style. While this popular mid-sized pickup truck's overall style is sure to turn heads, many of the design elements serve a practical purpose as well. Our team here at Ulrich Ford Lincoln is excited to show you how well-designed this truck really is.

The Ranger features a twin power dome hood. When you see the truck at our showroom in Pella, you'll immediately notice the two raised panels. They look very similar to racing stripes. In addition to adding some visual flair, these domes channel air as you drive. They direct airflow over the windshield and roof to reduce road noise.

Another feature that adds some stylish punch to the truck is the grille. The Ranger features a wide grille. The grille is available with a unique honeycomb pattern or with horizontal slats covered in mirror chrome. The grille works to maximize airflow into the engine, resulting in enhanced performance.



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