Parking Assistance in the Ford Taurus

In the new Ford Taurus, struggling to get in or out of a parking spot will be a thing of the past. This popular full-sized sedan is available at Ulrich Ford Lincoln with high-tech features that make parking a breeze. You can get the car with the advanced Active Park Assist feature as well as Blind Spot Monitoring.

The Blind Spot Monitoring feature can benefit drivers in Pella wherever they go. Not only does it let you know when other vehicles are in a spot that you can't see very well, but it also assists you as you back up. It can detect oncoming traffic from up to 15 yards away. It'll let you know when to stop reversing with an audible alert.

The Active Park Assist feature does all the hard work for you. When you're looking for a parallel parking spot, you can activate the feature. It'll scan the surroundings to find an open space. Then, it will take care of steering to get you in safely.



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