Guide to be Able to Jump Start Another Car

If you have to jump-start another car, keep these tips in mind. It is always best to wear safety glasses or work gloves when working around the car battery. Bring the running vehicle to the nose of the car that needs to be jump-started.

Separate the jumper cables, so one red and black are on each side. Attach the red to the good battery on the positive side, do the same to the bad battery. Attach the black to the good battery on the negative side, use the last black clamp to attach to a metal surface anywhere on the vehicle being jumped. That will eliminate the chance of a spark. Now you can start the one car, leave it running for a few minutes to build up the charge. After two minutes have passed, start the other car.

Our team at Ulrich Ford hopes this information on jump-starting another car comes in handy.



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