Reading Tire Sizes For Easy Purchase

When you need to get your tires replaced in Pella, IA, you will be asked about the size of your tires. There are numbers and letters imprinted on the size of the tire that will tell you everything that you need to know. There is often a "P" in front, which identifies that it is for a passenger vehicle. The three-digit number following is the width of the tire, listed in millimeters. After that, there is a two-digit number after the slash, which is the aspect ratio. "R" is then usually listed, which identifies that it is a radial construction. The final number is then the wheel diameter, such as 15, which means the diameter is 15 inches.

Our parts and service center at Ulrich Ford can read the tire sizes for you. We're also able to replace tires to ensure your vehicle gets the right size.

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