Clean the Grime Before You Brush

So, you drove your car through the winter months over salted roads to get to work and back. Now that you survived the winter, you find that sections of your headlight lens have turned opaque. The cause is the salt from the road. Don’t despair; the damage is only on the surface layer of the plastic headlight.

The solution is simple, you use it every day on your teeth. Yes, it is toothpaste. Toothpaste is a household rubbing compound that cleans away soft and solid materials. In the case of the opaque headlights, you use the toothpaste to take off the top layer of plastic that was damaged by the road salt. Make sure to wash away all grime and debris before you apply the toothpaste. Otherwise, you are rubbing the grime into the next layer.

If the damage is too deep, bring your vehicle to Ulrich Ford Lincoln in Pella to replace the headlight lens.

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