The Ford Focus Electric Saves on Gas

The Ford Focus Electric offers performance and fuel savings in a compact package. You can recharge your vehicle at public DC Fast Charge stations. You can get fuel to cover more than 75 miles on a 30-minute charge. Ford recommends the AeroVironment™ 240-volt, 30-amp home charging station. Owners can fully recharge their vehicles in less than six hours.

Pella drivers enjoy the prospect of driving without leaving emissions in the air, stopping for oil changes, or gasoline. The Focus Electric has a driving range of 115 miles and 107 miles per gallon equivalent. The Focus Electric can produce speeds above 80mph, instant engine power, and consistent strong acceleration.

At Ulrich Ford Lincoln, we invite you to come in and take a test drive of the Focus Electric. You can see for yourself that the Electric powered Focus is a lot like the other models; it is a well-balanced combination of power, handling, and economy. Call or stop by today.




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